Content of Pneumatic Actuator and Electric Actuator

Electric-Actuator KLST-Series On-Off


KLQD Electric Actuator KLST Series On-Off AS various Valves, even the same size, different manufacturers, different working environment, the valve with different working torques. Accordingly, we suggest when you choose the module of electric actuator, you shall be rated output torque of 60 % ~80 % for valve operation torque.

Pneumatic-Actuator AT-Series Double-Acting


KLQD Pneumatic Actuator AT Collection Double Appearing has the benefit of quick appearing. Air to open and air to closed. Air provide strain vary from 2 to eight bar. Output torque vary from 3.6Nm to 4159Nm. Broadly used for numerous trade resembling water therapy, packaging equipment and so forth.
gives rack and pinion pneumatic actuator in double appearing and single appearing actuator on your undertaking