Electric-Actuator KLST-Series On-Off

หัวขับไฟฟ้า electric actuator klqd klst series

KLQD Electric Actuator KLST Series On-Off AS various Valves, even the same size, different manufacturers, different working environment, the valve with different working torques. Accordingly, we suggest when you choose the module of electric actuator, you shall be rated output torque of 60 % ~80 % for valve operation torque.

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Product Introduction

Electric-Actuator KLST-Series On-Off  the on-off actuator has only two actions (0 or 90) when performing valve operations which means that the valve can only be fully open or fully closed. Can not control the amplitude of the valve switch, and can not control the medium flow. The on-off valve is generally used to switch off the two positions. There are two positions of full open and full closed. The function is to open or close to conduct and cut off the working medium inside.
There is no special requirement for the flow characteristics but for the switching speed The leakage requirement is higher than that of the regulating valve.

Dimension Electric-Actuator KLST-Series On-Off

Dimension Electric Actuator KLST Series On Off
Model A C D E G G1 H M N
KLST-05  160  138  114  80  72  36/50  70 151   17  14
KLST-10  196  146  122  98  86  50  70  170  20 17 
KLST20/40/60  256  180  156  135  106  70  102  208 25   22
KLST-100/200  280  180  156  170  106  102  125  229  30  27

Torque output Electric Actuator

หัวขับไฟฟ้า electric actuator klqd klst series

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