Pneumatic-Actuator Ball-Valve 3pc-Screwed

วาล์วหัวขับลม pneumatic actuator ball valve 3pc klqd

Specification Ball Valve 3 PC

Material : Stainless Steel
Size : 1/4″ ~ 4″
Standard: Thread
Working Pressure: 1000 PSI (69 bar)
Operating Temperature : -20 to 232 c


  •  Pipe thread in accordance with ANSI B2.1, BS21 1973, DIN259/2999 lug body
  •  Blow-out proof stem/Full port
  •  Investment casting body and cap
  •  1000PSI (69BAR) W.O.G.
  •  Direct Mounting Flanged for ISO Standard 5211

Technical Parameters Of KLQD Pneumatic Valve Actuators

KLQD Pneumatic Valve Actuators AT series actuators which compact design, long life service, high quality, gear and gear rack.This product is used for 90° rotationally valves, such as: ball vales, butterfly valves, plug valves etc. My company put product quality as the first task, adopts the most advance production and technology, stronger than similar product on both product quality and performance. At series air operated actuator is the design is compact, the life is long, the quality is high, racks-like air operated actuator.

  • Max Working Pressure : 10bar
  • Double acting : 2.5bar~8bar
  • Single acting : 4.5bar~8bar
  • Structure : Rack and pinion pneumatic valve actuator
  • Mounting : ISO5211
  • Double Acting Type : Air to open, air to close, air supply failure to keep the current position
  • Single Acting (Spring Return) : Air to open, interrupt air to close, air failure to close
  • Temperature Range Standard : -20°C~80°C
  • Rotate Angle : 90°±5%
  • Optional Accessory : Positioner, Limit Switch, F.R.L, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Gearbox


Dimension หัวขับลม pneumatic actuator klqd at series with ball valve 3pc front

ISO 5211 Ball Valve 3 PC

SizeISO 5211
3/8”F03G 9
1/2”F03G 9
3/4”F04 , F05G 11
1”F04 ,F05G 11
1.1/4”F05 , F07G 14
1/5”F05 , F07G 14
2”F05 , F07G 14
2.5” , 3”F07 , F10G 17
4”F07 , F10G 17

Gallery for Pneumatic Actuator KLQD

Gallery for Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve 3 PC


จำหน่ายเกทวาล์ว gate valve

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