Pneumatic-Actuator AT-Series Single-Acting

หัวขับลม pneumatic actuator klqd at series single acting
หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series

Product Introduction

             AT series actuators which compact design, long life service, high quality, gear and gear rack. This product is used for 90° rotationally valves, such as: ball vales, butterfly valves, plug valves etc. My company put product quality as the first task, adopts the most advance production and technology, stronger than similar product on both product quality and performance. At series air operated actuator is the design is compact, the life is long, the quality is high, racks-like air operated actuator.

Technical Specification

  • Pressure Range
    – Max Working Pressure: 10bar
    – Double acting: 2.5bar~8bar
    – Single acting: 4.5bar~8bar
  • Structure : Rack and pinion pneumatic valve actuator
  • Mounting : ISO5211
  • Single Acting (Spring Return) : Air to open, interrupt air to close, air failure to close
  • Temperature Range Standard : -20°C~80°C
  • Rotate Angle : 90°±5%
    Optional Accessory : Positioner, Limit Switch, F.R.L, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Gearbox
  • Spring return pneumatic actuator with feature of safe
  • Rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with high output torque
  • Easy to install and change the number of spring
  • Weather-proof

Accessory Connection

หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series topmount
Top connection size meet with VDI/VDE3845NAMUR/standard, easy to install limit switches box, positioner and other accessories
หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series iso5211
Bottom connection size meet with ISO5211 and DIN3337 standard with square and star holes can be connected with the valve directly
หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series namur
Flank connected size meet with VDI/VDE3845NAMUR standard suitable for install solenoid valves.

Torque output Double Acting

หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series double Acting turque output

Torque output Single Acting

หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series single Acting torque output

Design Features

Pneumatic actuator are integrated of new technologies, new materials, new innovative ideas based on the research, development, design, has the following characteristics:

  • Comply with the standards of: ISO5211, DIN3337 and VDE-3845, NAMUR standards.
  • Extruded high-strength aluminum cylinder body, the inner surface of fine grinding and hard anodized, long service life, low friction coefficient, fast action.
  • Beautiful compact, modern styling, multi-standard products make the selection more economical.
  • All active surfaces are made of high quality bearings, low friction, long life, no noise.
  • Two independent stroke adjustment mechanism for easy adjustment of ± 5deg and fully open or closed position.
  • They are available in double-acting and single-acting (spring return) , single-acting with normally closed and normally open.
  • The NAMUR standard multi-function position indicator visualizes the installation and output of all accessories.
  • Pre-compression load spring, installation, demolition of safe and convenient.
  • Piston and end caps using die-cast aluminum alloy, high strength, light weight.
  • Change the seal material can be used in high temperature or low temperature applications.
  • Solenoid valve can be installed directly without connection plate.


Part Introduction

  • Indicator
    • NAMUR standard indicator for easy installation of position switches, locators and other accessories.
  • Output Shaft
    • Nickel-plated steel, high-precision integrated output shaft at the same time meet NAMUR, ISO5211, DIN3337 standards. Can be customized according to customer size and stainless steel materials.
  • Cylinder Body
    • ASTM6005 extruded aluminum alloy cylinder body can be hard oxidation, oxidation, epoxy spray paint (blue, orange, yellow sprayed on request), PTFE coating or nickel to meet different requirements.
  • End Cap
    • Die-cast aluminum alloy metal powder coating of various colors, PTFE coating or nickel plating.
  • Piston
    • Double-piston rack, with die-cast aluminum oxide or cast steel galvanized, the installation position symmetrical, rapid operation, long service life, simply reverse the piston can change direction.
  • Stroke Adjustment
    • Two independent stroke adjustment screw can be convenient, accurate ± 5 ° regulation on, off position.
  • High-performance spring
    • Imported high-quality materials, coating pretreatment combined type assembly, demolition simple and safe.
    • Using high quality materials, coating treatment, pre-press assembly. Has strong corrosion resistance and service life. It is safe and easy to disassemble the single-acting actuator and change the number of springs to satisfy different torque output range.
  • Bearings, guides
    • Low friction, long life composite materials, to avoid direct contact with metal and metal, maintenance and replacement is simple and convenient.
  • Sealing
    • At room temperature working conditions using NBR, In high temperature or low temperature with viton or silicone rubber.

Double-acting Actuator Selection Example

หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series double Acting torque output example

When using the actuator, determine the valve torque plus safety factor, the valve safety factor with different media, temperature, pressure, the friction between the valve core and the valve and many other factors, affecting the operating torque. Known butterfly valve torque = 130Nm, the use of water for the medium: room temperature, on-site gas source pressure of 5bar, to a safety factor of 20% Calculation: Safe Torque: 130 + 20% = 156Nm. In the control double-acting actuator torque meter, check the pressure in the column of 5bar. Find the data equal to or similar to 156Nm along this column, select 162.9Nm, look for the model left, and then select the AT100 model.

Single-acting Actuator Selection Example

หัวขับวาล์วลม pneumatic actuator at series Single Acting torque output example

In the selection of the first consideration of air pressure under the action of the moment and spring elongation under the torque. Known butterfly valve torque = 200Nm, the use of medium for the steam: the use of temperature 160℃, on-site gas source pressure of 5.5bar, to a safety factor of 25% Calculation: Safety torque: 200 +25% = 250Nm. Control Single Action Actuator Torque Meter: Check the column pressure at 5 bar, look for torque along the column (beginning and end), and then check to the right for the moment at which the spring stroke begins and ends. Check the results of the actuator model AT160, spring 10, resulting in the following values: Air pressure 0°= 383Nm Air pressure 90°= 277Nm Spring stroke 0°= 279Nm Spring stroke 90°= 385Nm Note: Selected torque should be equal to or close to the safety torque!


D = Double / S =  Single

Ball Valve 2 PC Flange

อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ Bushing / Key Mount / Ring (แหวนกด Shaft)

  • ขนาด 1/2″ – 1″ = AT63 (KeyNo1)
  • ขนาด 1.5″ – 2″ = AT75D / AT88S (KeyNo2)
  • ขนาด 2.5″ = AT88 (KeyNo2)
  • ขนาด 3″ = AT88D / AT125S (KeyNo3)
  • ขนาด 4″ = AT100D / AT125S (KeyNo3)
  • ขนาด 5″ = AT125D / AT145S (KeyNo3)
  • ขนาด 6″ = AT145D / AT160S (KeyNo3 / Custom)

Ball Valve 3 PC 

อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ Star Adapter

  • ขนาด 1/2″ – 2″ = AT63 (ISO5211 F05)
  • ขนาด 2.5″ – 3″ = AT75D / AT88S (ISO5211 F07)
  • ขนาด 4″ = AT100D / AT125S (ISO5211 F10)

Ball Valve 3 Way Screw

อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ Star Adapter

  • ขนาด 1/2″ –  3/4″ = AT63 (ISO5211 F03 – 05)
  • ขนาด 1″ – 1.1/4″ = AT63D / AT75S (ISO5211 F05)
  • ขนาด 1.5″ – 2″ = AT75D / AT88S

 Ball Valve 3 Way Flange

อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ Bushing / Key Mount / Ring (แหวนกด Shaft)

  • ขนาด 1″ = AT63D / AT75S (KeyNo1)
  • ขนาด 2.5″ = AT100D / AT125S (KeyNo2)
  • ขนาด 3″ – 4″ = AT125D / AT 145S (KeyNo3)
  • ขนาด 5″ = AT145D / AT160S (KeyNo3)
  • ขนาด 6″ = AT160

Ball UPVC 

อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ Bushing / Key Mount

  • ขนาด 1/2″ – 2″ = AT63 (ISO5211 F03 / 05)
  • ขนาด 2.5″ – 3″ = AT75 / AT88 (ISO5211 F05 / 07)
  • ขนาด 4″ = AT100 (ISO5211 F07 / 10)

Butterfly Valve

อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ Star Adapter

  • ขนาด 2.5″ = AT63
  • ขนาด 3″ = AT63D / AT75S (ISO5211 F03 / 05)
  • ขนาด 4″ = AT75D / AT88S (ISO5211 F05 / 07)
  • ขนาด 5″ = AT88D / AT100S (ISO5211 F07 / 10)
  • ขนาด 6″ – 8″ = AT100D / AT125S (ISO5211 F07 / 10)
  • ขนาด 10″ – 12″ = AT125D / AT160S (ISO5211 F10 / 12)

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