Electric-Actuator Ball-Valve 2pc-Flange

วาล์วหัวไฟฟ้า electric actuator ball valve 2pc flange klqd
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KLQD Electric Actuator Ball Valve 2pc Flange that may offer you a dependable fluid control solution, then the electrical flanged ball valve shall be your valve of alternative. Flanged ball valve may be custom-made into float ball sort or trunnion mounted sort in response to your stress necessities to make sure the conventional operation of the valve in your challenge.

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Specification Electric Actuator Ball Valve 2pc Flange

Nominal SizeDN15 to DN250(1/2″ to 10″)
Body MaterialStainless Steel 304/316 , Cast Iron
Connection TypeFlange (ANSI, JIS, DIN)
Pressure Rating1000 PSI
Temperature Range-20 to 232 c
Seat MaterialPTFE
Core MaterialStainless Steel
Stem MaterialStainless Steel
Application MediumWater, Gas, Oil, Powder, Steam, Corrosive Medium, etc
  • Basic design and manufacture according to DIN 3357
  • Inspection and tested according to DIN 3230
  • Face to face according to DIN 3230
  • Flange end according to DIN EN 1092
  • 2-pieces body design, full port design


dimension หัวขับลม pneumatic actuator klqd at series with ball valve 2pc flange

Dimension Electric-Actuator KLST-Series On-Off

Dimension Electric Actuator KLST Series On Off
Model A C D E G G1 H M N
KLST-05  160  138  114  80  72  36/50  70 151   17  14
KLST-10  196  146  122  98  86  50  70  170  20 17 
KLST20/40/60  256  180  156  135  106  70  102  208 25   22
KLST-100/200  280  180  156  170  106  102  125  229  30  27

Torque output Electric Actuator

หัวขับไฟฟ้า electric actuator klqd klst series

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